HCP-210-3000 Polyquaternium-10

PRODUCT MODEL:    HCP-210-3000

TRADE NAME:       Cationic Cellulose

IDENTITY:           Polyquaternium-10


Appearance:      Light yellow powder

Dry Loss(105℃ 2h%) : 6.0 max

Ash(%) :  6.0 max

Nitrogen (%):  1.7 – 2.2

Viscosity(25℃2%mPa.s) : 1000–2500

P.H(25℃ 2%) :   5.5 – 6.5


·Cationic cellulose has the particular conditioning ability. It can repair the damage hair, make the hair feel smooth and look health. It can improve the hair from marcel.

·It can compound with cationic surfactant to protect the eyes and skin from stimulation.

·The cationic cellulose has the excellent increasing thickness added in the products. It has been used widely in cosmetic products.

·The suggested concentration is 0.1-0.5%.


1.25Kg net in cardboard drum inner-lined with plastic bag.

2.Keep in dry and airy conditions; get out of raying.

3.Shelf life: 3 year.Please seal it after opening.