HCP-222-91-Cationic polymeric flocculant (Powder)

Cationic polymeric flocculant (Powder)

CODE NO:          HCP-222-91

CHEMICAL NAME:  Poly (dimethyl dially ammonium chloride) (Polydadmac)



Appearance:                        White Powder

Solid (%):                           ≥90%

PH (1%):                            3-6

Viscosity ((LV-1, 2#, 60rpm.25℃/cps):    5-50

Density:                            0.85-1.05g/cm

Moisture absorption:                 easily


HCP-222-91 series is a high organic synthetic polymer, widely used in the purification of industrial wastewater and sludge concentration and dehydration. It can clear water clarity at a relatively low dose with good activity, and fast the settling rate at a wide PH range (4-13).

Widely used in drinking and wastewater treatment, especially for that high-level-grimed water effectively concrete.



1.25KG Kraft bag

2.Under normal storage conditions within the temperature range 10 – 40 °C (50-104 °F) this product will be stable for at least 12 months. Storage outside the above specified temperature range for long periods may adversely affect the product over a long period and should thus be avoided, if possible.